Must Haves!

The following are my essentials. Things excluded from this list are usually picked up along the way. :)

  • 65L Backpack 
  • MacBook Air aka McLara 
  • Nikon Coolpix P100 aka Maria
  • SONY PSP aka Dana (Inflight entertainment remember)
  • A notebook
  • Couple of Black Pens
  • Snacks
  • 4-5 shirts depending on my duration of travel
  • 2 shorts/trackpants
  • Running Shoes
  • flip flops
  • Zip lock bags
  • Nokia 1200 (Recently picked her up as my travel mediator)
  • Iphone 4S aka iBette
  • 160GB Ext. HD
  • 2 Books
  • Toiletries (Toilet Paper!)
  • Passport
  • Glasses
  • Contact Lens
  • Watch
This list might grow, but as of now...I think I'm pretty cool with what I have already. :) 

How much stuff do you carry as you explore?

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