The List

I think careers are 20th Century Inventions, and I don't want one. - Chris McCandless

The simplest of things I started never made it till the end.

I have an attention span that lasts 5 mins. 

I have zero dollars in my bank account. Ok maybe not anymore, the government was giving out "cash bundles" for some reason.

I don't have a job. But no I'm not totally unemployed. I work as a full time undergraduate. 

I haven't done much. Least not significant ones that I would later say "Been there, done that". So this is my way of self motivation to accomplish tasks. At least...I would like to think so.
Run a 1/2 Marathon 
Master the Guitar (I'm almost there)
Master Mandarin 
Spend at least a night in a Ger in Mongolia 
Cycle the circumference of Singapore 
Trek to Everest Base Camp
Climb Mount. Kilimanjaro
Visit all 23 provinces in China (almost there)
Work for a NGO
Get to host a travel show. Least an episode. 
Or maybe...I'll make MY OWN show. :)
Publish a book. 
Able to communicate using Sign Language
White Water Rafting
Sky Diving
Run a Marathon
Go on the Trans Siberian
Be on 'Amazing Race..Asia' 
Learn Chinese, German, French, Bengali and Arabic
Check out the hype surrounding Taj Mahal and Pani Puri.
Submit a video for Nomading Film Festival (Love these guys!)
Work for MFA 
Pain Graffiti on a public wall (probably not allowed in most places, will find one!)
Go on a Road Trip across Malaysian Peninsula
Attend Ha'erbin Ice Festival
Attend Germany Oktoberfest
Celebrate Diwali in Nepal
Celebrate Holi in India
Be at Times Square, New York for one Christmas
Hold a street photography exhibit (at some point, when my skills are polished enough)
Swim with Sharks
Bungee Jumping 
Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu
Visit South Africa and go on a safari
Get in and (of course) out of Prison. 
Visit Northern Iraq
Witness the migration at Serengeti, Tanzania
......... That's to say this list may never end.


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