I am currently reprising my role as a student in a city that poses to be the New York of the East. We actually have a Times Square here!!

Being a student lands me with chances to experience life in far off lands that would otherwise cost me big in my teeny tiny student pocket.

I was born and bred in Singapore. A dot on the globe, slightly off Malaysia.

I blog about "other" stuff when I do not rant about why I haven't been travelling much or how I have been travelling much but there aren't many photographs to  prove them travels.

This site is mostly for the benefit of my mom, who is ever so eager to know where I am, where I have been or what I have got myself into this time.

Safe Travels!



  1. China is high on my wish list. Most probably in next 2 years, I should be able to visit it.

    I am going to bug you then for details and guidance in there. :)

  2. China is really a great place ..those architecture, culture everything is awesome !! my first encounter will be on terracotta warriors spot only ..its time to follow your blog now and then so that i can come some details from you !! Have a great life in traveling mate!!

  3. Nisha: By all means. Come to think of it, I'll still be hanging around here for I'm indebted to China for another 3 years. ;)

    Benedict: One of the coolest in the most insane way is what I think Terracotta is all about. You'll have fun. And sure, will be more than glad to be of help. :)

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  5. Hey Mark!

    I'd be more than glad for a links exchange. :D You guys run an amazing site by the way! I'd be subscribing to your newsletter in a bit!! :))

    Safe Travels! :)


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