Thursday, November 24, 2011

Back on Track

Guess its official.

I will be spending my summer on the roads not literally though. That's a fine change there.

Unlike most of my other expeditions, where I lug my backpack on the streets only to chuck them temporarily into hostels.

And later retrieving them for guess what, I found a cheaper hostel.

Anyways, thanks to an awesome friend and her equally awesome hubby for taking me in, (and possibly cooking for me as well :-p) for a full month.

A bit about my hosts:

We have been friends for donkey years now. She got married early this summer and moved. And yes, a few months into moving in, I decided to invade their privacy.

They recently also adopted a pair of kittens aka my god kits: Pebbles and Buttons. :) Fun!

They have a fully functioning washing machine.

A washroom whereby I am pretty sure there's ample hot water and toilet rolls.

Now that's pretty luxurious already. O.o

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