Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Highly Probable Aftermaths For The Stranded Airline Passenger

This is not for ANY stranded passenger, but particularly one who had no choice because the airline couldn't figure out what to do next to keep the crisis under control.

When discovered with a malfunctioned brake, you will be housed in a five-star hotel. Exactly! If you fly a kick ass airline, you probably paid for your room's worth when you bought the ticket. What I paid for, which by the way adheres to my rule of keeping within the budget, wouldn't even get me a room in a hotel on any normal day. 

You would tell yourself you're gonna maximize the hotel's facilities, only to hit the sack the moment you see the pretty bed and clean sheets. I was suppose to get their breakfast, grab stuff that were actually free, bla bla. Only to doze off and wake up to a call telling me lunch has been arranged. 

You spend more than 12 hours talking to people you just met. You guys will actually be whining on the same frequency. A group of us were a little upset over the delay, for some had conencting flights, others were just heading for a weekend trip and a day was gone already. I have missed flights. I have flights that left late. Never a flight that made me wait for an hour, later board and wait another hour inside the cabin and and a night for free in a hotel. Make it two nights.

One of the flights carried this. Is this common?
You run into the airline crew who are equally if not more clueless towards the predicament then you are. The crew had no idea of the updates we as passengers were receiving from various representatives. For some reason they were even surprised to know that we might be leaving earlier than them. Are we gonna travel without a crew then, you may ask. Thing is, I haven't got the slightest idea. 

The carrier is so diverse you're left wondering...An Australian carrier filled with Singaporean crew, and with one of them actually sounding "Singlish" over the intercom. 

You're bound to run into one of those travelers whom you thought never existed. One was almost left to be stranded on airport grounds for he had no visa. And all he had to say, with a straight face, as a matter-of-fact-look written all over it. "No one told us." Dude did you not do your research before packing your bag??? "I've never travelled before". 

You learn to appreciate your foreign passport. This of course is not the nicest of things but guess what, if your aircraft experiences problems within the Chinese boundaries, and you're to be put up in a fancy hotel room, as an international passport holder you get a room to yourself. Whereas, the Chinese will have to share with the other Chinese travelers. As fun as it may sound, it still is a little biased but what can I say. I'm already being held for 48 hours when my journey itself is only 5 hours!!!

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