Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Holy Daughter

I was dragged around 
and pummeled down 
and pushed into the water.

I was vilified 
and mortalized. 
This is baptism 
for holy daughter.

Through my smoke-filled eyes 
I recognized 
your smile amongst the jeering.

Then I knew I'd drown, 
I'd be swallowed down.
Cos my love, 
you were standing there cheering.

All I knew got washed right through and 
naked I was left there shaking.
All the twisted stares and knifing snares, 
they cut me up into tokens for taking.

As you circled down 
your malicious crowd, 
drew my blood into the water.

I would melt alone
I had lost my throne.
Is this baptism for holy daughter?

Not in such murky
Not in such murky
Not in such murky water

- Leonie Casanova - Holy Daughter - I can't Think Straight - 


  1. Thanks for sharing these with us...

  2. Woody Terence from HKJanuary 3, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    thx for post it!
    It's very a great song!

  3. This song is great!!

  4. these are the most moving lyrics i've ever heard

  5. very beautiful song
    thank you!

  6. It's still missing a big part of the song...
    But you're right it's an amazing song!

  7. Thanks guys! She is gonna have her debut album soon. Watch out for it. Interestingly, most who comment here are Anonymous. lol..

  8. "Cos my love, you were standing there jeering."
    Sounds like Cheering and not Jeering, because her Love was the only smile in the crowd that she saw, so she'd be cheering her on

  9. You might be right. But why would she cheer, when her love (or perhaps ex-love) is in the most difficult of situation?

    Then again you might be right. :)

    Thanks for visiting.

  10. Yeah LOL
    I listened to it over and over again and I could swear it makes sense her lover was cheering, And because she was cheering them on she just sank.

    it's a powerful song
    thanks for typing them up =3

  11. I am deeply greatful for "Holy Daughter" lyric. I had 2 hours challenge finding this song lyric almost gave up.
    You are beautiful, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  12. Glad to be of help Bee from Dubai. :)

    Have a great day!

  13. thnks a bunch for the lyrics! It's one awesome song!:D

  14. i love this song, thank you for posting

  15. Would it be possible for anyone to explain the lyrics behind this song? I love this song for its tune and beat. However with the understanding of the lyrics, I believe it would make it better.

    Thanks lotx!


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